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How to Create a Web Page

  1. Go to
  2. On the splash page, click on the "Sign In" button to access the Admin Portal.
  3. Enter your login credentials which you created during registration. You may also find this information on the Welcome email we sent to you. If you are unable to remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link.
    • Adding a New Page

    • On the left navigation, click on Pages to see the list of available pages.

      Dentistreet - Pages List
    • Click on Add Page to create a new page.

      Dentistreet - Add Page
    • Enter Page Details
      • The following fields are available:
        • Title - The title of your page which appears on the browser and search results.
        • Description - The description of your page which appears on search results.
        • URL Path - This becomes a portion of your URL. For example:
        • Create a new service named 'Your Page Title' - If you are creating a page for a service, checking this box will automatically create a service with the same name as the page title. It will also create a link on the Services page to this new page.
        • Content Heading - Enter a heading for your content. For example: The Benefits of Whitening
        • Content Body - Typing into this box will open the content editor where you can easily format your text, adjust content layout, insert images, etc.
        Dentistreet - Add Page Information
    • Enter Page Content
      • You will notice that as you click inside the Content Body box, the Content Editor appears over the box. If you are familiar with text editors such as Microsoft Word, then you will have an easy understanding on how to use this. Start by typing a few sentences. You can always format text by choosing "Format" on the editor menu. You can also set the text color by choosing the "Text Color" option on the editor toolbar.

        Dentistreet - Add Page Content Text
      • Next, try inserting an image by clicking on "Insert" and choosing "Image".

        Dentistreet - Insert Image Menu
      • The Insert/edit image window appears. Next, click on the Source icon. This is the icon with the folder and magnifying glass. Clicking on this will bring up the File Manager.

        Dentistreet - Insert / Edit Image Popup
      • You will see the File Manager window appear. The File Manager displays all the files you have uploaded as thumbnails. If you have not uploaded anything, nothing will show up. The images can be displayed in 2 different views: Grid or List. Try clicking on any of these 2 icons on the top right of the File Manager window. To Upload an Image, click "Upload".

        Dentistreet - File Manager
      • A window appears saying "Drop files here to upload". This is called the Drop Zone. Open your Finder window if you are using a Mac or File Explorer if you're using Windows. Drop an image to the Drop Zone. It is possible to drop up to 5 images at once. If you are not comfortable dragging files, just click on the Drop Zone and the File Chooser window comes up. Select the file and click "Choose". Each file you upload should have a maximum image size of 15MB.

        Dentistreet - File Manager Drop Zone
      • Once you haved dropped the image, you will see a thumbnail of it on the Drop Zone. Click on the "Upload" button.

        Dentistreet - Image Ready To Select or Delete
      • After you have successfully uploaded the image, it will be visible in the File Manager. Click on the image you just uploaded.

        Dentistreet - Image Upload Successful
      • Once you click the image, a bigger image preview will appear where you can either delete or select it. Let's click Select.

        Dentistreet - Image Selected Full Preview
      • After selecting the image, the Insert/edit image window once again appears. You will notice that the Source field now has a value which is the location of the image you selected. Enter a description on the Image Description field. If you need to specify specific dimensions for the image, set the width and height on the Dimensions boxes. Checking the "Constrain Proportions" will make sure that the image's proportion is not altered. On the Class field, make sure it's set to Responsive. Click OK.

        Dentistreet - Image Selected Properties and Dimensions
      • You will then go back to the Content Editor where you will find your image inserted. You can resize the image by dragging its crop marks. Let's resize it so that it aligns with the paragraph above.

        Dentistreet - Selected Image Inserted
      • After resizing the image, let's add 2 lines below it. Let's format the first line to be bold and italic by highlighting the text and clicking the bold icon and the italic icon on the toolbar. Let's just have the second line as italic. Click on the "Save" button to save the page.

        Dentistreet - Save New Page
    • See the updated list of pages with the new page you created. You can sort them by Title or Date by clicking on the column headers named Title and Last Modified. If you wish to edit the page, just click on it.

      Dentistreet - Updated Pages List
    • Linking to your New Page

    • So now that you've created a brand new page, how do we get people to see it? Your page won't be viewable unless you create a Link to it. A Link, also called a hyperlink, is a clickable text or image that let's you navigate to another page on a website.
    • To create a link, let's start by clicking on "Links" on the left navigation. You will see 2 boxes called "Link Sets". Link Sets are group of links located in a specific section on your website. We have 2 Link Sets: Main Menu and Footer. The Main Menu is normally located on the topmost part of your website. The Footer is normally located on the bottommost part of your website. Click "Edit" on the Main Menu link set.

      Dentistreet - Links
    • On the Edit Link Set page, click on the "Add a new link" button.

      Dentistreet - Add a New Link
    • A new row appears. Enter a Link Name on the first box. This is the text that the users click on to navigate to the page. On the "Links To" dropdown, choose Page. On the dropdown next to it, choose the page that you want to navigate to. In this case, the page that you just created. You can reorder the Links in a Link Set by clicking on a Move icon (the very first icon on a row) and dragging it before or after another link. You can also delete a link by clicking the red X icon on the rightmost part of the row. Some links cannot be deleted such as Home, About, Contact and Services. Click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

      Dentistreet - Enter Link Details
    • To see your new link in action, Click on "Preview Website" on the left navigation. Notice your new link on the main menu.

      Dentistreet - Preview New Link
    • Click on the link to navigate to your page.

      Dentistreet - Preview New Page
  4. You may send us an email at for any questions you may have.